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Social Media on your TV Screens in a Beautiful Way

More than a billion people use social media, and businesses use SOTV to increase their social network audience. Social Media on your TV screens in a Beautiful Way

Deliver your own news and your own stories to your own TV screens. Eliminate the ho-hum of regular TV and Capture the personality of your business with picture-perfect video, graphics, images, and lively words delivered from your social media accounts.

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Grow the number of your followers, likes, posts, views and interactions with your brand and your business. Gather up to 19 popular social networks you are building, plus weather, RSS feeds, voting polls and display them in company colours in your own building, on your TVs where your customers move and talk and shop.

With SOTV.me, you're the producer of the richest content of all --your own.

  • Increase Followers, Likes and Friends
  • Inspire Customers with Your Own Content
  • Display 24 Different Social Networks
  • Easy Admin Interface
  • CleanTV Word Filter
  • 100% Web Based

Clients Testimonials

SOTV Benefits

Customer Engagement 90%
Increases Brand Awareness 95%
Increase Followers & Likes 85%
  • Danny Pizarro Marketing Guru

    Mad sciencient with a creative twist

  • Justin Jones Master of Creativity

    Focused thoughts, with machine gun powered creative tactics

  • Phil Dugo Sales Deputy

    No mountain to high, no valley to low in the wild world of sales

  • Paul Peters Tech Wizard

    Well versed in Black Magic Coding and Warding off evil bugs

  • Cris Barros Social Media Ninja

    TMNT got nothing on me

  • Richard Cawagdan Social Mistro

    Superior skills in the social media realm

  • Fatih Gungor Financial Spartan

    Number crunching like there is no tomorrow