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Audience Response Software

More than a billion people use social media, and conferences and live events use audience response software to to engage opinion polls and #hashtag messages from their attendees.

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SMS Polling,

Facebook Posts,

Display #Hashtags,
yours or others

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SMS on your TV screens in a Beautiful Way

Deliver your audience's messages, photos, sms polls and your own RSS stories to your own TV screens. Eliminate the ho-hum of regular boring audience response clickers and capture the personality of your audience with picture-perfect Instagram photos and lively Tweets, with like and comment counts delivered live to your TV screens, or display worldly conversations by tracking messages with #hashtags and display it as a social chatter wall.

Audience Response Software is the best audience response software because it can simultaneosly display your SMS Text Messages, Facebook Profile Posts, Facebook Page Feed, Facebook Stats, Twitter #hashtags, Twitter @mentions, Twitter Stats, Linkedin Groups, Linkedin,
Soundcloud, Instagram #hashtags, Instagram Photos, Live Stream, Flickr, Pinterest, Klout, Slideshare, iVideon, Foursquare
Youtube Videos, Youtube Playlists, SMS Voting Polls, Countdown Timer, RSS Feeds

How your live event or conference benefits from

Grow the number of your followers, likes, posts, views and interactions with your brand at your event. Engage audiences and gather up to 24 popular social networks, such as Instagram, that you are building, plus weather, RSS feeds, voting polls and display them in company colours on your projection screens, or on your TVs where your customers are mingling and networking before your event starts.

With, you and your audience are the producers of the richest content of all—your own.

Easy setup and reliable’s web based platform lets you launch your own audience response software channel in minutes. Even if you don’t have design experience, our tools let you easily add multiple sms polls and social media accounts to a space in the TV, and position it where you’d like it to display with our visual drag and drop controls. The best part, broadcasting it to your TV has never been easier, and you can take it further by adding your channel to your website via our button.

Smart TVs

Samsung, Sony, LG, or any TV with a built in web browser can broadcast your channel

Google TV

Google Chromecast, or any device running Google Play can play content.

Apple TV

You can use AirPlay to stream your channel to your Apple TV connected TV.

Mac or PC connected to a projector

Using your computer’s video out port, you can connect it to your TVs or Video Projector.

Powerful administrative controls

Clean TV Filter

Showing off your audience's responses and other social media on your TV screens can be fun, but our Clean TV filter keeps it painless.

Centralized administration

The admin console lets you easily add or remove social media blocks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, SMS Messages, and others, expand and shrink them to cover the TV space you’d like. It also provides access to additional features, like voting polls managment, channel title, description and keywords, screen burn in saver, and restricting sharing.

Channel Listing

Once you’ve loaded your social media onto your tv screen channel, our channel guide is a place where you can list your audience response channel, our network of viewers can search keywords, and view content created by you.

What customers are saying

SOTV entertained our 82,000 fans making the 2014 Super Bowl the most interactive in Super Bowl history, at Met Life stadium. Our fans loved it!.

SOTV has made our conferences so much more engaging, the interactive and database capture benefits of the software is worth the investment.

See It in Action

Live at a Ford Automotive Dealership

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How to get setup with Audience Response Software on your TV screen for your live event

There’s no video distribution needed. You can use a simple Google Chromecast device like this and plug it into your TVs or Projector's HDMI port and point your laptop Google Chrome browser to your channel and it will instantly be displayed on your TV screen. Additionally we offer a Google TV App which you can install on any Google TV.

Once your Launch your channel, getta cool SOTV button like this!

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